Easy Integration & Automation: API & more

The modular, scalable and flexible design allows to be integrated in your existing infrastructure. Once integrated will manage internal and external data streams about abusive behavior in your network and starts pre-defined escalations automatically where needed. If needed, utilizes pseudonymized data links to protect privacy.
The versatile API gives you full access to all the features offers. Thus, integration into your existing infrastructure will work seamlessly.

Entire Network Abuse Handling Process

Unlike the usual help desk systems - which are often complex and only cover the customer dialogue - dramatically reduces complexity and extends your client/customer care ecosystem by releasing resources for more important things than wasting time for handling and assigning thousands of incoming reports and complaints manually. Furthermore, the UI makes collaboration between all team members and the management easy.

Up-to-date Technologies

is built with the most comprehensive and scalable software components available and offers direct access through a comfortable web user interface.
currently supports 100+ network incident and spam reporting formats, no matter if standardized or homegrown. abusehq is constantly improved to support what is needed.